Dr Bernard Katzen, Otolaryngologist and ENT Surgeon Sydney

Dr Bernard Katzen is an ENT Specialist in Sydney who has provided a dedicated and professional ENT service to patients in Southwest Sydney’s Liverpool and Macarthur for over 30 years.

With a wealth of experience supported by dedicated clinical staff and testing equipment, Dr Katzen will ensure your condition of the ear, nose or throat is thoroughly and correctly assessed and will ensure you are provided with the most effective treatment to best manage and improve your symptoms and condition.

During his career, Dr Katzen has helped many thousands of patients by correcting their ear, nose and throat conditions through the use of both non-invasive procedures and surgery. During this time, he has learnt that when all elements of each patient’s individual lifestyle are properly understood and taken into account treatments become completely personalised and achieve much better results than the more commonly used blanket fix method.

Dr Katzen’s holistic approach to his patient management has driven him to take a special interest in treating allergies, laryngeal disorders, ear disorders and reconstruction and food intolerances and elimination diets.

His commitment as an ENT doctor to his patients has driven him to continue to develop his practice and staff to ensure all patients in Sydney’s southwest will have access to leading ENT specialist and consulting services.

“Achieving a positive outcome for my patients achieves a positive outcome for me as a doctor. After all – helping my patients is the reason I practice medicine.”  Dr Bernard S Katzen, ENT Surgeon and Allergist

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How can Dr Katzen help?

Dr Katzen’s wealth of experience and interests as an ENT Specialist has taught him that patients are more than just a set of symptoms. Each individual is treated as a person and the care and treatment of his patients is of the utmost importance to him and his team.

Practice Details


Bigge Street Medical Centre
1/42 Bigge Street
Liverpool NSW 2170


Macarthur Square Medical & Dental Centre
Macarthur Square, 200 Gilchrist Drive
Campbelltown NSW 2560



Ph: (02) 9601 6388
Fax: (02) 9821 3776