Broken Nose

A broken nose is a nasal fracture which is a break or crack in the nasal bone.

It can also involve the nasal septum which is the thin nasal cartilage that separates the nose into two halves. In mild cases of a broken nose or fracture, the injury can cause light bleeding and swelling. In more severe cases, it can cause a deviated septum, severe nose bleeding, blocked air flow and deformity.

Causes of a Broken Nose

Some of the more common causes of a broken nose or fractured nose are injuries from playing sport, falls and car accidents.



These include:

  • Crooked or bent nose
  • Bruising around the nose
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Discolouration under the eyes
  • Bleeding
  • Deviated nasal septum


A thorough history will be taken about the injury and a physical examination of your nose is also performed. This may include the use of an endoscope which is an instrument that has a fibre optic light.  This is passed up through the nose to give a clear picture of the inside of the nose. You will probably need X-Rays or possibly a CT scan as well.


Non - Surgical Treatment:

  • Closed reduction procedure will be done if the cartilage or bone is displaced. Splints will be inserted to help realign the bones and cartilage to restore them to the original position.
  • Nasal sprays and medication to relieve the pain and swelling. Application of ice is also recommended.
  • If the break or fracture has caused a blood clot (haematoma), the clot will be drained by making a small incision or cut into the clot.

Surgical Treatment:

  • If the break is severe enough surgery may be the only way to realign the bones. This is done with a procedure called a septoplasty.
  • If the break also involves the cartilage, a procedure called a rhinoseptoplasty will be needed to repair, reconstruct and realign the nose.

If you need an urgent appointment, give us a call and let the Receptionist know. Dr Katzen will always see patients in pain as quickly as possible.