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Who Farted?!

Our culture is full of acceptable  and unacceptable social behaviours. Most people will not point and stare at someone as that would be considered rude. Spitting, yelling and littering are other examples of what most of us consider rude or unacceptable behaviour in public. So what about flatulence? Most of us would consider flatulence or

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Love Your Lungs

Try this: take a big deep breath. It’s so simple, isn’t it? So simple that we barely give breathing a thought and what it involves. In a recent survey by The Lung Foundation, 53% of us admitted to rarely or never thinking about our lungs and their health. That’s even though 63% of us know

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Exhausted ? Eat These!

Try these foods to recharge your batteries: Turkey Turkey contains the amino acid tyrosine.  Research suggests that it helps to keep you alert while the B vitamins in turkey help your body turn the food into energy it can use. Dried Apricots Dried apricots are full of iron, so snack on a couple for an

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