Love Your Lungs

Try this: take a big deep breath. It’s so simple, isn’t it?

So simple that we barely give breathing a thought and what it involves.

In a recent survey by The Lung Foundation, 53% of us admitted to rarely or never thinking about our lungs and their health. That’s even though 63% of us know someone with lung disease – and lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in Australia.

But there is good news! There are many things you can do to help protect one  of your body’s hardest working organs:

  • Exercise that  elevates your heart rate  keeps your lungs in good shape.
  • Try activities like brisk walking, skipping, running, cycling or even dancing.
  • Make sure your life is a smoke free zone. Give away the cigarettes and steer clear of second hand smoke.
  • Keep an eye on any issues such as a persistent cough and see your doctor if you are concerned.